Keep Your Membership Directory Information Current

All members have the ability to update their own personal information, and the primary contact at each location can update information for the company, keeping listings of his or her company’s products, services and employees current. The information you provide is what is seen by others who access the online membership directory. The directory, which can be searched by company name, individual, city, state, or products and services, is most often used by others as a Buyer’s Guide to locate vendors, so keeping it up-to-date and accurate can be a huge benefit to your business. The link to update your profile appears in the log-in box once you have successfully logged on to the Web site.

For more information on how to make the most of the membership directory and the profile update area, please visit the Membership tab on the NATA homepage or click here. If you have additional questions or need assistance, contact membership at or (703) 845-9000.

Updating Your Individual Contact Information:


  1. Log in to by using the log in box on the right side of the homepage.

  1. Click on the Update Profile link, which will take you to a screen where you can:
    1. Change any personal information (name, email, phone #, job title)
    2. Change your password
    3. Change your login ID (usually your email address)
    4. View or download any publications you have ordered through the NATA store
    5. View any transactions you have made through the NATA Web site
    6. Select any areas of interest you have (products and services)
Updating Company Information (only primary contacts have access to perform updates to company demographic information). Once you have logged on to the Web site using steps 1 and 2 above, you have the ability to modify all of the information above, plus:
  1. Edit company address and demographic information
  2. Add, edit or remove employee information for your location
  3. Add, edit or remove company product and services information for the company
  4. You can also add or remove branches if applicable

New to and need to add yourself as a contact for your company? Anyone wishing to register for an event, purchase a publication or view member-only content must be registered as a contact.
  1. Click the Need A Login link on the right side of the homepage.
  2. Fill in your contact information (name, title and email address are required)
  3. Click on the Find My Company link and type in the first few letters of your company name (due to variations in the way a company name may be entered, the fewer letters you enter, the better the chance of finding your company name. If too many results are returned, you may narrow the selection down by going back and typing more letters)

  1. Once your company is located, check the circle and click on Link To Selected Company. Please note: if your email address is not a company email address (i.e. doesn’t contain the same domain as the main company emails – like, you will not be allowed to link to the company through the online system. If that happens, you may either contact the primary contact for your company or contact NATA at 1-800-808-6282 to have that requirement overridden.
  2. If your company is not found, you can add it by clicking the Create Company tab (you should always exhaust all options to locate your company in the system before creating a new “non-member” company, which will only give you limited access to information. If you have problems or questions, give us a call.)

Want to add your company to the growing number of NATA members? Just click on the Join Now link for more information and an online registration form.